Senior Analyst, Project Control & Services

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Job Description

Working with the engineering team and contractors to determine project
objectives and contributes to the development of a comprehensive project
Responsible for the budgeting and cost management of the project.
Interface with Procurement, Engineering and Finance departments, and
develop and maintain a detailed cost control system.
Regularly perform analytical reviews and checks of cost reporting
documentation, and present cost status and forecast updates to the Project
Management team.
Establish a schedule for the project and monitors its progress.
Routinely analyze, evaluate and forecast the current project status against
the baseline schedule, assessing the impacts of design or construction
changes to the schedules.
Report the status schedule to appropriate project manager, management and
Coordinate all work on the project, ensuring that objectives are met within
budget. Conduct site visits to verify progress and identify any potential and
critical issues. Work with the teams to recommend recovery plans and update
the schedule and budget accordingly


Bachelor Degree or equivalent
Minimum 8-10 years working experience in the oil and gas industry
Proficient in the use of Morden planning techniques
Experience in computer planning system
Familiar with project management system


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