Engineering Consultancy and G&G

Here are the list of our current and active principals with their products information.


Name your seismic challenge. We're all answers. Privately held FairfieldNodal is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers a full spectrum of true cable-free nodal seismic products and services, from systems design, manufacturing and sales to acquisition, processing and multi-client licensing.
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Drilling Consultancy

Drilling successful wells is one of the key factors in geothermal development. Whether your project is lacking on productivity, facing variety of problems, not being sure whether it’s the technology, geology, logistics, or the manpower, and an arbitrary third party opinion is needed - get in contact with us.
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Project Management Services

When choosing a company that offers project management for oilfield and other applications, you want a company with diverse expertise in a number of areas. Knowing the company has worked in diverse conditions can help you feel confident that your project will be executed with attention to detail, cost, deadlines, and safety.
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