1. EP Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (Co No. 271041-A) (‘EP’), together with its shareholders, and associated, related and affiliated companies (the ‘EP Group’ and any reference to ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ shall include any member of the EP Group) views seriously our commitment to ensure the protection of your personal data. This notice (‘Notice’) is pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (‘PDPA 2010’), which is an Act of Parliament to regulate the collection and handling of personal data in respect of commercial transactions. Unless stated otherwise, words used in this Notice shall bear the same meaning as they do under the PDPA 2010. By providing your personal data to us, you have given us your consent to collect, process, and disclose your personal data for the purposes stated herein.
  2. Personal data are your personal details which are provided to the EP Group directly by you, or indirectly by third parties such as manpower agencies, your employer, clients, and other sources, and/or collected by and/or verified by, the EP Group, for any one or more of the purposes (‘Purposes’) set forth in item No. 4 below. Such personal details will include, but not be limited, to your name, age, date of birth, race, nationality, identity card number, passport number, contact details such as home address, telephone numbers and email, education, medical history, financial and banking account details, employment history, including EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax, photographs and recorded images such as closed-circuit television, income range, family details such as marital status, details of spouse, children and immediate family members, partners, shareholders, directors and office bearers. The EP Group may from time to time request for personal information from you in relation to any applications, arrangements, enquiries, and registrations that may be relevant to any dealings or transactions between us.
  1. Further to item No. 2 above, you are obligated to obtain the consent of third parties such as your spouse, parents, adult children, directors, office bearers, and other individuals or organizations prior to providing us with any personal data relating to such third parties.
  1. The EP Group collects, processes and discloses your personal data for, but not limited to, the following Purposes:-
    To provide, and improve on, our products and/or services to you;
    To evaluate and ensure your capability in providing your products and/or services to, or through, the EP Group, including but not limited to suitability of your products and services to the oil and gas industry;
    To enable you to provide your products and/or services to, or through, the EP Group;
    To participate in, process, and give effect to commercial transactions, including but not limited to, tenancy and lease agreements, tender agreements, applications, including but not limited to job applications, contracts for services, and consultancy agreements;
    To apply for travel visas for overseas travel;
    To apply for work permits for work in Malaysia, and/or upon request, for overseas assignments;
    To facilitate and manage assignments, transfers, mobilization and demobilization;
    To contact you on our services, products, and any other commercial or marketing events which may be of interest to you;
    To collect, process and make payments;
    To comply with regulatory, quasi-regulatory and other legal requirements and guidelines;
    To undertake audit exercises;
    To ensure the safety and security of EP Group premises, including employees and third parties on our premises.
    To detect, investigate, and prevent crimes including but not limited to theft, fraud and bribery.
    To handle feedback and complaints on products and services;
    To comply with our internal policies and procedures, including management of our records;
    To respond to any queries, and to facilitate the resolution of any issues and/or disputes between you and any member of the EP Group.
    To use for purposes which are related to the aforesaid.
  1. Your failure to provide us with the relevant and obligatory information, or to only provide us with limited information, may render us unable to continue to provide you with, or may limit the provision of, our products and/or services. Should you choose to withdraw or limit your consent pertaining to our use of your personal data, you must immediately inform us in writing at the contact details provided in item No. 7 below.
  1. Whilst your personal data will be treated as confidential, with access only to our staff who will process your personal data for any one or more of the Purposes above, we may share with, or transfer your personal data to, third parties (local or foreign), pursuant to the Purposes, and/or pursuant to any contractual relationship, and/or where required under the law. Such third parties shall include but not be limited to, members of the EP Group, oil and gas companies which are clients, banks, travel agencies, other service providers, insurance companies, regulatory authorities, hotels, and foreign embassies or their representatives. Should you choose to withdraw or limit your consent pertaining to such disclosure or transfer of your personal data to any one or more third parties, you must immediately inform us in writing at the contact details provided in item No. 7 below.
  1. Personal data provided by you to us should be accurate, current, and complete. It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal data is updated in a timely manner. The EP Group will not be responsible for any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information pertaining to your personal data. You may update, lodge complaints, make corrections, or gain access to, your submitted personal data, by writing to us at the contact details provided below:-

EP Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
1st and 2nd Floor Wisma TKT,
2/4, Jalan Dang Wangi 50100
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

  1. Nothing in this Notice shall derogate from our mutual rights and obligations pursuant to any contracts entered into between us and/or limit your or our rights under the PDPA 2010.
  1. We will retain your personal data to fulfill one or more of the Purposes for which it was collected, or to comply with legal, internal or business requirements. Thereafter your data will be deleted
  1. The English version of the Notice will prevail in the event of any inconsistency or conflict in the Bahasa Malaysia version. This Notice may be amended by us at any time without prior notification, and any and all amendments will be notified to you via our website and other means of communication deemed appropriate and suitable by us.