Consultancy Services

Here are the list of our current and active principals with their products information.

Wizard Innovation Technologies

Wizard Innovation Technologies is a leading provider of consulting services and technologies that enable the clients to achieve real business value through the use of Information Technology. They are always here to find the perfect solution for you to grow your business rapidly in all areas. They have the fastest turnaround time to manage your needs.
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Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright Pte Ltd is an independent well engineering specialist company based in Singapore and Perth, Australia. Their focus were on core areas of well integrity, well control and HPHT & deepwater - having completed over 100 well projects worldwide.Stuart Wright team is highly trained and experienced in our core areas of expertise and is available to support clients worldwide.
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Oil Spill Response

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. Oil Spill Response Limited provides resources for Members to respond to oil spills efficiently and effectively on a global basis.
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Sabre Safety

The world leaders in providing Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Safety Services. H2S is a highly toxic gas which can kill or seriously injure even at low concentrations.
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Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is a global advisory firm focused on delivering bottom line value improvements to our clients.
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Instruments Services - Oil in water monitor

Oil in water content is one of the most crucial environmental issues in the Oil and Gas industry. The oil in water discharge needs to be managed and potentially harmful upsets need to be prevented with the most reliable detection ensuring you meet your environmental goals.
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Weafri Well Services

Over the years, the company has carried out several successful jobs in the area of stimulation, cementing, coil tubing and other services. The table below is a sample of the projects the company has executed in the past years.
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Rotating Equipment Services (Motor and Pumps Services

EP Engineering Sdn.Bhd. is highly dynamic organisation and dedicated to supporting customer through a network of regional and workshop facilities, giving us capability to provide support at a local level.When it come to rotating equipment, as rules rotating perform highly critical functions.
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