Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Maintenance

HPU Inspection

Hydraulic power units (HPUs) are vital for the testing and maintaining of subsea systems. But they cannot be used if they are not in peak operational condition. And that is where preventative maintenance comes in. By maintaining your HPU before it breaks down, you will be able to trust that it will work as intended whenever you need it. Some of the most important aspects of HPU maintenance include checking and changing the oil, cleaning filters and strainers checking for and fixing leaks and lubricating the motor.



Bladder Accumulator Service & Change-Out

Accumulators are pressure vessels and as such are manufactured, tested, and certified according to statutory standards. For example, the relevant standard is the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code VIII, Division 1. All pressure vessels manufactured to these standards are considered to have a finite service life depending on the number of pressure cycles experienced during normal operation. The typical design life for a hydraulic accumulator is 12 years.

In many jurisdictions, periodic inspection and recertification is required. This particularly applies to hydraulic accumulators which have relatively large volumes and operate at high working pressures. Inspection may be required at predetermined intervals (i.e. every two, five or 10 years) or when a certain percentage of usable design life is deemed to have been reached.

EP Engineering provides related Accumulator services, as in recertification, preventive maintenance and inspection.


HP & LP Tubing inspection & Change-Out

As an Asset Manager or Integrity Engineer in a plant with high pressure piping, you know there's a lot at stake. Major failures in high pressure piping systems can result in personnel injuries and fatalities, damaged equipment, costly loss of production, and massive liability fines. With high pressure piping in many major plants approaching end of life, you may be experiencing problems like:

• High temperature creep

• Fatigue

• Thermal shock

• Corrosion

• Cracking

• Dysfunctional System

Prevention is always better (and cheaper) than cure, so don't ignore your high pressure piping system until it's too late. At EP Engineering, we provide a comprehensive high pressure piping inspection and maintenance program, ensuring the integrity of your piping system to prevent future failures and protect your plant.


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