Ikon Science

Ikon Science is a global technology company providing geoprediction tools to the upstream oil & gas industry. Founded in 2001, the company has grown into a global organization, with an unparalleled depth of expertise in solving regional and local challenges.

From the beginning, the development and delivery of products and solutions has been centred on the certitude that the best way to explore, develop and produce reservoirs successfully, efficiently and safely is by the rigorous application of the science of rocks, fluids, pressures and stress

Ikon Science Brands


Designed to open up the field of rock physics to the mainstream oil and gas industry, RokDoc has been developed in collaboration with major oil companies and acedeamic experts since 2001.


Ikon Roknowledge covers the complete range of our regional rock physics & geopressure non-proprietary studies and will also include the future innovative knowledge products. “The regional informs the local” is our way of expressing the strong added value of these products.


The industry specialist in the analysis of pressure data for exploration, drilling and development. We predict proe pressures and fracture gradients as well as conducting integrated studies for risk analysis, reservoir connectivity, quality and migration pathways, trap integrity, reserves estimation and basin modelling.


Ikon Geomechanics provide a uniquely geological perspective on formation stress and borehole stability. Ikon offer tailor-made solutions for drilling optimization, reservoir geomechanics, completions and stress determination.


Fit for purpose proprietary studies to tackle your most challenging E&P assets. Our quality control methods, streamlined workflows and rigorous science, deliver successful rock, fluid and pressure results for our worldwide client base.

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