NORSAR (NORwegian Seismic ARray) is an internationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit, research foundation within the field of geo-science providing advanced, innovative products and solutions to customers in the public and private sectors. NORSAR has its headquarters at Kjeller, North- East of Oslo, Norway.




Seismic modelling methods developed by NORSAR provide value-added services to oil companies, seismic contractors and consultant companies. A software product oriented R&D philosophy ensures short time to market for the results from NORSAR petroleum research activities. Software for seismic modelling and imaging, known under brand names as NORSAR-2D/3D, VelRock and SeisRoX, is made commercial, marketed and sold worldwide by NORSAR’s wholly owned subsidiary NORSAR Innovation AS.


NORSAR 2D/3D ray-tracing

• Simulation of all kinds of seismic surveys in all kinds of sub-surface models (including VTI/TTI anisotropy)

• Generation of illumination maps on target level or in shot/receiver domain

• Studies on expected target fold, simulated migration amplitude, aperture, travel time, angle and offset relationships, and many more

• Synthetic seismograms

• PSDM travel time tables

• Target based

• Simulation of shot records and illumination maps

• Survey planning, interpretation support

SeisRoX local imaging

• State-of-the-art rock physics modelling technology

• Fast and flexible 2D/3D PSDM simulation for complex targets and overburden

• Easy use, based on workflows

• Consistent with survey, wavelet, overburden and reservoir properties

• Output of illumination and resolution characteristics (both vertical and lateral resolution)

• No 1D assumptions and limitations

• No smoothness requirement as for ray tracing

• Reservoir based

• Simulation of optimum PSDM processing result

• Feasibility and sensitivity studies


• The link between rock properties and seismics

• Assessment of 4D signature of a reservoir when considering time-lapse seismic surveys.

• Fully integrated with the NORSAR-2D and NORSAR-3D software packages, but can also be used as a standalone applicationeismic surveys.



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