HRDF Certified Training

With experiences and services covering the whole E&P spectrum, we provide comprehensive range of trainings to accommodate whatever stage you are on. Whether you’re in the subsurface department, in the drilling team, maintenance team, HSE department or even IT, we have the right and necessary training for you.

Principal's Training

Training by our certified principals.

Geology & Geophysics
Engineering & Instrumentation
IT Consultancy
Health, Safety Environment (HSE)
Leadership / management / soft skills

1.Habits of highly effective leaders

2.Effective communication skills

3.Effective presentation skills

4.Effective time management skills

5.Kobetsu Kaizen for LEAN practices

General technical training

1.How well can machine learning algorithms (AI) Predict Geology?

2.Seismic Modelling and Interpretation: Then and Now

3.Next generation E&P

4.Big Data Management for Geosciences

5.Current oil crisis, its possible shortcomings and cost optimization measures

6.Taking the first step: exploring greenfields

7.Marine seismic acquisition types and impacts to modeling/interpretation

8.Business overview of the oil and gas industry operations and markets

9.Advanced Petroleum systems analysis

10.Introduction to Geoscience

11.Preventive maintenance practices

12.Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrography

13.Basics of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

14.Fundamentals of Well Logging

15.Fundamentals of Geophysics

16.Introduction to Structural Geology

17.Basin analysis principals and applications to Petroleum Play Assessment