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Detechtion’s%20logoDetechtion Technologies is the world leader in compressor fleet optimization for natural gas fleet operators that are committed to improving the efficiencies of their compressor fleets and the people that service them. Using Enalysis™, Detechtion’s customers are better able to increase revenues, decrease costs, and accomplish best in class asset management. Through its compression training segment, Detechtion has trained over 9000 operators, mechanics, foremen, superintendents, and engineers. Currently, Detechtion provides monitoring and optimization services for approximately 20% of active compression horsepower in North America, including client relationships with 15 of the top 25 North American independent gas producers.

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Company History

  • Founded in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta
  • Global Client Base: US (all major basins), Canada, Australia,
  • West Africa, South America
  • Offices in Houston, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, Calgary, AB, Brisbane, AUS

Compressor Services

1. ENALYSIS – fleet management software for reciprocating & rotary screw compressors

  • Compressor optimization & diagnostics
  • Fleet management tools & fleet mapping
  • Compressor maintenance management software
  • 24/7 engineering support
  • Fuel use & emissions tracking

2. Custom optimized compressor loading curves

3. Compressor training schools (in-house and at client field locations)

4. Dedicated Engineering Account Manager who drives value to your bottom line


  • More than 80 gas producers/gatherers are using Enalysis on over 5000 compressors
  • Over 1000 leased compressors on Enalysis (leased from Exterran, CSI, JW, USA, etc…)
  • Widely used on all makes/models of reciprocating and rotary screw compressors
  • Over 100 different compressor models from over 28 different manufacturers
  • Over 150 different engine & motor models from over 36 different manufacturers

How Detechtion Add Value…

  • Fleet management
  • Fuel savings
  • Horsepower consolidation
  • Production gains
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Emissions reports & tracking
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Fewer unplanned shutdowns
  • Failure avoidance
  • Engineering support