The production and processing of oil and gas will continue to grow in the future, as global demand for energy cannot be met solely by renewable resources in the medium term. In order to use fossil fuels in the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way possible, processes such as extraction, refining and finishing (petrochemicals) urgently need to be optimised.

It is to be expected that existing production sites will be modernised, expanded and thus adapted to current requirements and regulations. This also includes the treatment of process wastewater, which must be treated in a much more complex and at the same time more energy-efficient way due to increasingly strict environmental regulations. This can be very challenging for older plants that have already been adapted and enlarged several times. It applies, for example, to the integration of new process stages during operation and, possibly, to limited space conditions. For the oil & gas downstream sector, H+E offers proven and stable processes as well as energy-optimised plants for industrial water and wastewater treatment, from pre-assembled system units to fully operational turnkey plants.

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