Geoteric® is the only complete Cognitive Interpretation™ system, allowing you to see the geology in your seismic data before interpreting. It provides interactive workflows from data conditioning to the delineation of geological elements required to build a 3D model.

Due to the cognitively intuitive design of Geoteric’s Geological Expression™ tools, you have the freedom to experiment with multiple parameters and make decisions based on instant visual feedback.

The Geological Expression approach allows you to utilize your geological and geophysical expertise to maximum effect, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your daily work. Intuitive, multi-attribute processes allow you to understand the geology in your seismic data before committing to manually biased interpretations.

Our patented Adaptive Geobodies® and Adaptive Horizons technologies provides the only way of interpreting high resolution information using the data driven, interpreter guided approach.

Cognitive overload in the oil & gas sector

As an industry we spend huge amounts of money on acquiring and processing the best quality seismic data possible. With the vast quantities of data and information this generates, it is easy for interpreters to get into a cognitive overload situation – leading to confusion rather than understanding.

The power of human cognition

Computers are able to give us rapid, high resolution, objective and fully volumetric results. However, interpretation of these results involves matching what we see with what we know a geological feature looks like. This is a complex challenge that no computer can carry out as efficiently or effectively as the human brain. This is why making full use of human cognition is vital in next generation interpretation systems.

Cognitive Interpretation™ in Geoteric®

Developed to harness your cognitive capabilities, Geoteric is different from previous interpretation technologies. It combines the power of computational approaches with an appreciation of the importance of the human element in interpretation – hence the label Cognitive Interpretation.

Cognitive Interpretation in Geoteric:

Data Conditioning

  • Noise Expression
    Geoteric’s post-stack, structurally orientated noise cancellation algorithms can be applied interactively giving you full control over the parameters associated with each filter. This ensures you get the best possible results on every dataset.

  • Spectral Expression.
    Spectral shaping parameters are determined interactively using an intuitive user interface. With functionality for manual manipulation of the target spectrum, Spectral Expression, combined with Geoteric’s Noise Expression allows you to improve simultaneously the vertical resolution of your data, better localise events and improve signal-to-noise ratio.

Stratigraphic Expression
  • Frequency Decomposition

    Globally recognised frequency decomposition and RGB (Red, Green & Blue) colour blending techniques are at the core of Geoteric workflows. Our Frequency Decomposition allows you to rapidly optimise parameters and preview RGB blends before full volume processing. This gives optimal results first time – allowing you to move your interpretation forward much more quickly.

  • High Definition Frequency Decomposition (HDFD)
    HDFD brings frequency decomposition to a new level of vertical resolution. Combined with Geoteric’s high resolution colour blend technology, HDFD produces stunning, illuminating and highly detailed images of the geology. Advanced frequency splitting techniques are designed to work on traditional and broadband seismic data, allowing you to image the geology at seismic resolution. Interactive colour blend previews allow easy optimisation of parameters, including the ability to fine tune between vertical resolution and frequency resolution.

  • Interactive Facies Classification (IFC+)
    IFC+ brings together the power of interactive, data-driven, interpreter guided classification with the ability to clearly visualise geology using Geoteric’s colour blends. With IFC+ you can quickly and easily separate trends that are not immediately apparent on visual inspection of the data. With built-in cross-plot functionalities, IFC+ enables easy calibration of attribute and well log data relating the seismic attribute variations directly to the geology. IFC+ gives you an advanced method of seismic facies classification in a rich multi-attribute environment. Subtle trends can be detected in the data, enabling a precise differentiation of individual facies classes..

Structural Expression
  • Fault Expression
    Fault Expression recognises that the seismic expression of faults can be highly variable and provides an interactive method for structural analysis. Using three types of discontinuity attributes, individually or combined in a CMY (Cyan, Magenta & Yellow) colour blend, ensures the full expression of the fault is captured. First to market CMY fault detection capabilities produce a full 3D representation of your fault network. Fault Expression also incorporates an instant QC method so that you can quickly assess how accurately the detected faults fit with the input data. Fault Expression is intuitive, flexible and works well for large regional faults and small intra-reservoir faults.

Adaptive Interpretation
  • Adaptive Horizons & Adaptive Geobodies

    Adaptive Interpretation utilises data from multiple, colour blended attribute volumes to grow surfaces and geobodies interactively. This unique data-driven, interpreter guided approach allows you to define and extract the geological elements that are imaged within the seismic data. Patent pending Adaptive Horizons provide the only method for high resolution colour blend surface extraction. With patented Adaptive Geobodies, delineation of geological features is fast and robust, creating objects that can be used in your 3D geological model. These tools let you step through the interpretation growth in 3D space and make changes at any time, allowing you to achieve accurate results very quickly.

  • Integration

    Geoteric recognises that all E&P workflows are different, incorporating many techniques found across multiple software technologies. Empowering users by encouraging all methods of seismic analysis and investigation, we provide direct data links to other interpretation packages. Using links between these technologies is the optimum way to gain a full understanding of your subsurface data.Geoteric’s links to Landmark’s DecisionSpace and Schlumberger’s Petrel enable efficient day-to-day transfer of results.

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